We only sell three routes on Kilimanjaro the Marangu route, Northern circuit route and the Machame route and this is because of their uniqueness and for these routes and there is suitability for all type of travelers

As Marangu route is for those who have less time in their holiday, and they want to conquer Kilimanjaro.

The Machame route is for travelers who they want to witness the beauty of Kilimanjaro, as it offers the most stunning views than any other route on Kilimanjaro.

And the Northern circuit route is for the ones who want to experience Kilimanjaro in depth as it gives you maximum time to be in the mountain because its trail covers the 360 degrees  of the mountain, and you can even see the Amboseli national park in Kenya. And it is less crowded than other routes in the mountain

Mt. Kilimanjaro Routes